7 July 2017

Coming back

I neglected the blog for quite a lot of time....
I guess taking some time off was a good choice. Sometimes we need time to refocus. Scrapping was a big part of my life for several years even if I didn't "upgrade" to professional designer and/or seller.
Once I lived in a very small apartment, more or less 45 square meters and digital scrapping was the perfect hobby as it did not require much space, a pc and a desk were enough. Now, 2 years later, we moved to a new bigger flat, I have more space and the spare bedroom is now my private space to craft and create. To iron and to do other house chores too sadly. Part of the shelves is reserved for Ds' school books too. A big ikea wood table is perfect for crafting. I'm gonna post some photos when the room is clean and tidy!!!! But it could actually take a while ....smile...
Meanwhile my crafting horizont expanded and besides digital scrapbooking I got addicted to paper weaving too. It's some sort of therapy. It keeps mind and hands busy...quite a good thing sometimes... Life is not always easy and we had some issues these past months. Nothing major but still we had some struggles to face. My dad has some health problems too and this adds to my worries quite a lot.
Nevertheless I trust life and the powers above, I believe in happy endings and on my side I act to keep us on the right track.

I would love to open my own space on Etsy to sell my paper creations and contributing to the family budget. But to tell you the truth I'm a bit scared, my personal insecurity knocks on my subconscious' door and keeps asking if I'm good enough ...
Ok that's all for now.
Gonna come back soon with some pics.

Have a happy weekend!

27 November 2016

Preparing for Xmas

Just a quick post to let you see what I am preparing for Xmas, some handmade presents for friends and nextdoor neighbors. Having time I'd love to extract one of them and share it with you all as a freebie... maybe during next days....

Happy Sunday!

27 October 2016

Scrapbooking news and double freebie

You're lucky tonight!

While I'm quite busy with Halloween and Christmas presents I love to create personally and therefore I have not much time left to scrap you'll enjoy two new kits and two freebies.... a quickpage I made and another one offered at Digital Crea. Don't worry I'll link the page for you later.

First let me tell you that Louise has a new kit on sale and its name is Nelly en Balade:



in all her shops


The other kit is Quintessence and is created by Scrap'Angie




This freebie is offered by Angie and Happiness Creations at Digital Crea

in her shops:


my page:

My freebie:

Download here, password :speranza

10 October 2016

New kits and a new freebie

This post tonight is just about scrapbooking, there are two new kits I'd like to show off:

Precieux Moments by Louise Laudet , it's a mini kit , 7 papers and 30 elements

in  her store at:

in all her other shops starting from 25th October


my page:

From Scrap'Angie an autumn themed kit. 
It's Blissful Autumn.

in her stores:


My pages with the kit:

the freebie:

Download here, password speranza

Comments are always appreciated, thanks!

4 October 2016

Ethereal Dream and its freebie

I was reading my last post where I was thinking of checking shipping prices at the local post office, but life conjured against me once again. Our car had a malfunction, sniff, and we had to took it in. It was the upper inlet manifold, for those not in the know it's the piece of metal where you can also find the throttle valve.  
Since our car is 12 years old, spending too much money is not a great idea, but, there's always a but, isn't it?, it's the only one we have and therefore we had to get it fixed no matter what. The mechanic told us that the price for the original spare part was around 800 euros, the not-branded one around 500. EEECH! Way too much!! That was the moment my "despicable banausic mind" stepped in: I took a photo of the part, wrote down the serial number and googled for it. Bingo!  I found a new one in England for 267!  I bought it, without giving a second thought about it! The only downside was the shipping, that took 9 long days. 
Should you ever buy something on Ebay that has written under shipping: global priority shipping, don't buy! Search for another site with standard couriers. 
The box remained parked waiting for labeling and custom's declarations in England ( even if there is no need of custom declarations when shipping from England to Italy) for 5 long long days. I paid 13 £ for shipping costs, such a waste. 
I would have paid more and gladly to have the piece sooner. Two weeks without a car was pure dread. I had to skip an appointment to the dentist, Alex missed 2 weeks TKW training, which I had already paid for, my fridge would have cried in despair if it had eyes to do it and I finished all I had in the kitchen pantry. Oh my I can't live without a car, public services suck here! 
We got our car back only yesterday, halleluyah! 
Total cost: 267 for the spare part and 98 for the handling by the grease monkey... 
I would have preferred  new shoes or a cricut cutting machine (my secret dream) but life isn't always the way you want it...
What matters most is the we are motorized again!

There is a new kit out there, a beauty created by Scrap'Angie and called Ethereal Dream:

available at:

My pages:

the freebie

Download here, password: speranza